How can I get cheap flights to Auckland from London ?

Getting cheap flights to Auckland (New Zealand) is a vast topic, as it depends equally on where you are flying from. However, a much larger number of departures from London Heathrow or Gatwick takes place daily, in comparison to other airports in London or Europe.

Auckland flights are available with nearly all five star alliance airlines and top carriers including Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airline, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and direct flights with the national carrier Air New Zealand. In our topic “How to get cheap flights to Auckland (New Zealand) from London (UK)” we are only targeting the big number of flyers who look for last minute flights to Auckland in hope of finding cheap fares.

When looking for flights at the last minute, for instance this summer…..we have collected reviews and comparisons of all airlines that are offering low fares out of which the following seven carriers tend to be the favorite in terms of comfort, convenience, standard of service, routes as well as the total flight price. The first one in the row is Korean Airline that flies via Seoul. The airline involves only one stop over in Seoul and connects with Auckland. The stops over timings are also often not exceeding a couple of hours. Flight fares start from around 600 pounds tax exclusive.

The second position holder airline is Air Brunei. Also an indirect flight via Brunei, this airline offers promising flights to and from Auckland at cheap fares. Followed by Thai Airways, that also flies indirect (via Bangkok). It is a multi-advantage to fly with Thai as If you are on a holiday, you can ask for a night stop over in Bangkok and discover Thailand while paying the same flight fare as for Auckland. Apart from the above, for those flying from airports other than Heathrow or Gatwick, Emirates offers flights form Dublin, New Castle, Birmingham or Manchester to Auckland at fares below a thousand pound exclusive taxes.

As far as direct cheap flights to Auckland are concerned, Air New Zealand (NZ) is the lead without any competition. Air New Zealand often offers bargain airfare and exclusively cheap flights to Auckland making it the most favorite or first pick for travelers from London. Conclusively, the best way to get your cheap flights to Auckland is to choose one of the top seven cheapest airlines we have listed for you and book your seats at least a few months in advance. Simple as that !

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